YIS Teacher Training

Yogis in Service Teacher Training (YISTT)

Yogis in Service TeacS01-YA-SCHOOL-RYS-200her Training (YISTT) is a 200-hour Yoga Alliance Registered 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification Program. The YISTT program is aligned with the YIS mission to create access to yoga and connection. The YISTT program is unique in that it was developed in partnership with a research team at the University at Buffalo to  provide effective training in trauma-informed, inclusive yoga. The YISTT follows the YIS-TIY framework Trauma-Informed White Paper YIS 2017 (White Paper Available Here)

Program Content. Based on research, you will learn how to lead yoga classes using the 12 Principles for Growth (informed by the body of yoga and trauma research). You will learn anatomy, pose-by-pose yoga instruction, and sequencing. You will also learn the principles of chair yoga, yoga for special populations (i.e., prenatal yoga), and how deliver effective yoga programming for children in the community and in schools. Given our unique, inclusive focus, the YISTT program will compliment your other training programs and certifications.

Format. The YISTT program will be delivered one weekend each month (not August) for 10-months from January to September. This makes the program accessible to students, professionals, and parents. You will learn in small and whole group sessions and lead teach to small, large, and community groups. Projects include a yoga service project and a self-care analysis and commitment.


We All Rise Together. Come learn how to more effectively support growth in your community, create access to yoga, and inspire and deepen connection with self and others. Do this for your own transformation and for all of those you will inspire to be the best version of themselves.

Dates for 2018 Training. Complete in 9 weekends in 10 months.

  • Week One: 1/26 to 1/28
  • Week Two: 2/23 to 2/25
  • Week Three: 3/23 to 3/25
  • Week Four: 4/27 to 4/29
  • Week Five: 5/18 to 5/20
  • Week Six: 6/22 to 6/24
  • Week Seven: 7/20 to 7/22
  • Service Projects Completed in August
  • Week Eight: 9/21 to 9/123
  • Week Nine: 10/19 to 10/21

Each training weekend will run something like this (note some times may change slightly):

Friday 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm, Saturday 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm, and Sunday 12:30 to 5:00 pm.

Cost of Program.  Upon acceptance into the program, we will require a $300.00 deposit within 30 days. This deposit will be applied to tuition. The remaining balance of $2,900.00, for a total of $3,200.00, will be required for payment of tuition. When considering if the program is right for you, it is important to note that you will also be required to purchase a set to textbooks. Our program is research-based and we will be using the latest yoga resources to guide your learning. Note, if you pay in full by January 1, 2018, total tuition will be reduced to $3,000.00 (a savings of $200.00).

There are three payment options. We request that if you can, please make payments using cash or check.

  • Pay in total by using cash or check January = $3,000 (minus the $300 deposit)
  • Pay in 2 installments = $3,100 ($1,500 due January 6th and May 5th, 2018- minus the $300 deposit)
  • Pay in 4 installments $3,200 ($800 due January 6th, March 10th, May 5th, and July 7th- minus the $300 deposit).

Scholarships. YIS is offering 2 YIS Yoga Teacher Training scholarships. To apply you must (1) complete the application (link below), (2) submit an essay on the following topic, “How I will give back with what I have learned in the YIS Teacher Training,” and (3) write a one page letter detailing your specific needs and why you should be considered for the scholarship. Please note, we will be prioritizing individuals who have YIS experience and who are eager to contribute in the City of Buffalo. Scholarship essays DUE 11/15/2017. (NOTE- Five full and partial scholarships were awarded for 2017!)

Do you work with veterans, kids at risk, or are you a mental health professional? Fill out the scholarship paperwork to be considered for a 20% discount on your tuition (guidelines still apply for all payment schedule cost variations).

Applications for YISTT. The YISTT will begin January, 2018. Applications open. We are excited about what is next! Applications open to 12/1/2017.


Click here!   yis-teacher-training-application

A Dancer eric and daijaYIS- Peace- Love- Buffalo (Daija and Eric)

Expand Professional Competencies. This program is aligned with the content in the University at Buffalo Mindful Counseling Advanced Graduate Certificate Program Link to UB Advanced Certificate Program. Teachers, Mental Health Counselors, Lawyers, MDs, OTs, PTs, Audiologists, Psychologists, Social Workers, School Psychologists and Counselors, School Administrators, and other helping professionals can expand their competencies. Consider pairing the UB program and the YIS teacher training program- finishing with an Advanced Certificate from UB (registered with NYS) and a 200-hour yoga teacher certificate from YISTT (registered with Yoga Alliance). You will stand out in your profession as a mindful practitioner with a unique set of skills. Please note- these are distinct programs and admission to one (UB or YISTT) is not connected in anyway to admission to the other. We are encouraging you to consider a new way to be in your vocation and offer these programs as ideas for making that happen.