The Creation, Use, and Keeping of Your Mind Jar

Congratulations on your decision to make a mind jar! The mind jar is a tool for meditation. With a prepared and shaken mind jar your eyes can watch the glitter settle as you feel and watch your mind settle. It is a wonderful visual “mantra” or “mind tool” that can help you be in the moment, in your breath, and still the mind.

Step 1: Get supplies

  • Mason jar, bottle, a plastic water bottle
  • Funnel or 3 X 5 card taped into the shape of a funnel
  • Glitter glue or glitter + glue
  • Chunky glitter
  • Fine glitter
  • Food coloring (optional but worth it!)
  • Ribbon, stickers, foam letters, etc…
  • Sharpie (black)

Step 2: Build your mind jar

  • Fill your jar ½ full with water
  • Add glitter glue, glitter, and food coloring
  • Fill your jar to the top with more water
  • Secure top (you may want to put glue on side of lid before you secure it)


Step 3: Decorate your mind jar

  • Decorate the lid with your name, a ribbon, stickers, etc..
  • Use a sharpie to add an actual mantra, or verbal mind tool.
    • Stillness
    • Peace
    • Breath settles the mind
    • I can be still
    • I am present and breathing

Step 4: Use your mind jar

  • Pick up your securely sealed mind jar
  • Shake your mind jar
  • Set you mind jar on table or 2 feet in front of you if seated on the floor
  • Begin to breathe and settle your mind, watching the glitter settle
  • You may want to add your verbal mantra, slowly repeating it to yourself as you breath.
  • It is recommended that you use your mind jar 3 to 7 days a week for positive effects (increased peace of mind, self-regulation, and relaxation)

Step 5: Store your mind jar

  • Store you mind jar in a safe place, standing upright to avoid leaks
  • Keep it in view so you are reminded to use it and of your capacity for stillness



Article written by Catherine Cook-Cottone