Store and Ways to Give


  • Participate in our free, weekly community yoga classes. FREE YOGA and LOTS OF LOVE!
  • Attend our monthly meeting. 2nd Saturday of each month 9:00 AM at True Bethel Baptist Church (907 E. Ferry, Buffalo, NY 14211)
  • Help with an event (you can learn about this at a YIS meeting).
  • Bring a healthy snack to share at one of our events.
  • Donate a gently used or new yoga mat, strap, or block.
  • Volunteer your time to assist with our operational tasks.
  • Donate (see below)
  • Request a partnership or to co-sponsor an event (see below)
  • Buy our merchandise (see bellow)

Donations and Partnerships (use of the YIS Logo and Brand)

The YIS team members and Board of Directors of YIS have worked hard to create an organization that will last beyond all of our years. We have a structure and process for use of the YIS logo and brand. We require that all individuals, businesses, and organizations make a request to us in writing, to secure permission, before using our logo and brand in any communications, media, or social media.

We would like to acknowledge those who have donated money to our organization (if they so wish; see details below). We also request that those who would like us to join an event, partner in an event, co-sponsor an event please send a request to us in writing (see below).

  1. A donation is a one time or recurrent gift of money or supplies. We gratefully accept donations from positive, pro-community individuals and organizations. If you’d like, we will acknowledge you and your organization on social media and on our donor page. We will also send a letter of receipt with our 501(c)(3) information for your tax records.
  2. Partnerships and co-sponsoring occurs when an organization, business, or individual would like to use our logo as part of promotion associated with an event or their brand. We request a formal letter of intent to sent to Catherine Cook-Cottone, PhD. ( detailing the proposed partnership or co-sponsorship. The Board of Directors will review the proposal. If they have questions, they will respond with questions. Once all questions are answered the Board of Directors will vote on the partnerships or co-sponsoring. Please note, transparency is very important to YIS. YIS’s participation will rest entirely on the discretion of the YIS Board of Directors.
    • Please include the following in the letter of intent (if there are further questions, YIS will request clarification):
      • Your individual intention or your organization’s mission statement and how you feel YIS aligns with that mission.
      • A complete description of the event.
      • YIS’s role in the event.
      • Exact percentages of cost-sharing and profit sharing (we will require this to be public information detailed on flyers [i.e., 50% of profits will go to YIS]).
      • Details regarding use of YIS logo with sample flyers.
      • A sample script for soliciting additional support from businesses for the event, including the description of any use of YIS brand and logo (e.g., We are requesting a donation of your product for a for-profit event by [name of organization] that will contribute 10% of donations to YIS.)

Buy our Products!

Yogis in Service has an apparel line with nearly 100% of profits going to provide yoga classes (we do pay for our web page and insurance). You can find our clothes in local specialty shops and at our events. Wear your YIS clothes with pride and know that you are spreading the work of connection and giving.

Yogis in Service has yoga studio apparel. Shop here. We will also have t-shirts, pants, and teddy bears at our events. See our Facebook page for events!

Here is the link to shop for yoga clothes! – YIS Yoga Tanks and Pants

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