Media and Resources

Yogis in Service has been shared in several media outlets. Here are a few of the great stories that have been shared about our program and teachers.

Stories at the links below:


YIS Grand Opening WIVB (YIS Grand Opening WIVB 2016)

West Buffalo Afterschool Program See Video Here!

Yogis in Service: Bringing Yoga to Every Buffalo Community (2016 Buffalo Rising Article) yogis in service video (2015 lululemon)

Huge yoga class to take field Saturday at Ralph Wilson Stadium (2015 Buffalo News)

Yogis in Service Grant Winning Video (2015 youtube)

YIS Studio Grand Opening Buffalo News  (Buffalo News, 2016)

Extra by No Boundaries EP 3: Diane Rose and her Yoga Journey (Pod Cast Rise Collaborative 2017)


Benefits of Yoga- Cook-Cottone  Meditation and Yoga Joining Arithmetic and Reading in U.S. Classrooms (

Yoga for New Years Resolution- Cook-Cottone  New Year’s Resolutions you can keep to get healthier, leaner, more fit (Buffalo News)

HEAL BFLO on Dan Nevins  Injured veteran who found healing in yoga to teach at HEAL Bflo retreat (Buffalo News)

African Yoga Project- Cook-Cottone  Yoga fundraiser’s benefit stretches across the globe (Buffalo News)

Teaching at the White House- Cook-Cottone UB professor brings yoga to White House Easter egg roll (WBFO)

Yoga and Eating Disorders- Cook-Cottone College athletes struggle with eating disorders (Chanel 7)

Yoga and Eating Disorders- Cook-Cottone UB professor who once struggled with an eating disorder now an empowered yogi (Buffalo News)

Yoga Preventing Eating Disorders- Cook-Cottone UB professor reveals how yoga may prevent eating disorders (WBIV)