Wendy Guyker


Wendy Guyker, Ph.D., is a Clinical Assistant Professor at SUNY at Buffalo.

Wendy teaches classes on research methods, assessment, and multicultural counseling and has recently joined the faculty teaching courses in the new Advanced Graduate Certificate program in Mindful Counseling for Wellness and Engagement. Wendy’s research interests are in veteran mental health as well as the areas of mindfulness and self-care, with an emphasis on practical applications in both clinical and community populations. Service is critical in the fields of education and psychology; yet to Wendy, it does not feel like a responsibility, it feels more like being whole. To Wendy, yoga is a perspective, a way of life, a philosophy; a layer of one’s life that does not compete with any other layer; rather, it complements, expands, informs and integrates all else. As a teacher and a psychologist, Wendy strives to embody qualities of compassion, non-defensiveness, and self-awareness with her students and patients. It excites Wendy to help bring yoga’s many qualities and tools of yoga to others in the WNY community through Yogis in Service.