Mary Giallanza Carney


Mary was fortunate to have stumbled into her first yoga class in early 2011. She often says that her decision to enter that yoga studio changed her life. Inside her head that day, her fears and doubts were shouting at her to turn back, “What are you doing?! Turn back! You’re too old and pudgy and not the least bit bendy!” But she went in spite of her fears and doubts, and she stayed, and she learned the most important, priceless lesson of her whole life – yoga taught her that nothing needed to be fixed, changed, shrunk, lost, improved or tweaked for her to be “okay”. Yoga gives Mary peace and freedom not only to be herself, but to give more of herself to others. Yogis in Service gives Mary an opportunity to share her love of yoga with the community and watch it do for others what it has done for her – change lives the way it changed hers. Namaste.