Reflection: Yoga at the Resurrection Church

I remember the class when Catherine mentioned an upcoming volunteer project that she was very excited about. My ears perked up. I was already interested even though I didn’t know what it was. You see, my boys are growing up and don’t need me as much (sad face). The last time I had volunteered was for an adaptive ski school program for children with special needs. It was a great experience during our long winters. But now, yoga has taken over my life and I was ready to spread the love.

image1Fast forward to my first YIS meeting. I reluctantly went. What did I possibly have to offer with my two years of practicing yoga and no formal training or certification? At the beginning of the meeting, we went around the room introducing ourselves and sharing our experiences. Ugh, I was dreading my turn. I shared that I was an elementary teacher of 25 years. But I kept hearing, “I did level one, I teach yoga, I’m going for level 2,etc.” I came home that night and told my family that I was “just a teacher” and I didn’t even know where I fit in this whole YIS experience. My husband reassured me that my teaching experience with kids has huge and he was so proud of my efforts.

So the first day of my volunteering, there was a travel ban due to snowy weather. I felt guilty for not going. The following week, I was ready and eager.11050801_735085899944015_3931736966002410025_n

We practiced yoga, worked on partner activities and before I knew it, class was over. But I wanted more! I was lucky enough to car pool with a fabulous new YIS friend, Alyssa. We babbled on and on about how fabulous the whole morning was. We were already planning the next Saturday together!  I was also fortunate to attend the Easter Egg Hunt at MLK Park. I hitched a ride with Catherine and her girls. We jammed to Wham and rapped our way to the Park.

It was a fabulous time letting the children “show off” their yoga moves while the Easter Bunny and Mayor Brown shook hands with all ages.

As you can see, you don’t have to be a yoga teacher to love volunteering at the Resurrection Church or for YIS. Just be ready to spread the love of yoga. Hope to see you there!11002582_738709506248321_2366283849508467148_n

Article written by Sheri M. Curry